Hellmet Noseguards


Protect ya Deck. The Hellmet Noseguards are protecting your beloved deck and will fit flexible to every deck size. 

They are really easy to install. No drilling, screwing or glueing necessary. Just press the nosegoards onto your nose or tail. 

Use them for all your boards. Protect your deck with the best noseguards on the market.




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Hellmet Longboard Noseguards

Protect ya Deck. Use the Hellmet Noseguards to protect your nose and tail of your beloved deck. The Hellmet Noseguards are fitting flexible to any deck size.

They are really easy to install and there is no drilling, screwing or glueing necessary. Just press the noseguards onto your nose or tail. 

A metal framework in the inside makes the guards very flexible and also strong and solid. 

Just find the right size for your deck. Measure with a ruler the height of your deck on nose or tail and you will find the right size for your board.

Finally you can go to the extreme without harming your board. Let's rock and ride!!!!


  • Hellmet Longboard Noseguards (2 straps) 
  • Cutter-Knife
  • Instruction Manual
  • Hellmet Logo Sticker


Sizecalculator metric to US system:

  • 6 - 8 mm = 0,23 - 0,31 inch
  • 8 - 10 mm = 0,31 - 0,39 inch
  • 9 - 12 mm = 0,35 - 0,47 inch
  • 13 - 16 mm = 0,51 - 0,63 inch
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New Longboard Wallholder

Where should you put all your boards? Hang 'em high. With the stylish wallholder you can decorate your wall. So you have all your boards out of the way and also a really fresh look in your room.  

Time for a ride? Just take your board of the wall and put it back afterwards. So easy!

  • fits for all boards
  • just lay the trucks into the wallholder
  • stable metal work
  • cushions to avoid scratches on the trucks
  • easy to install


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